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Ayurveda and Bath SPA center "IndRa" in Belinskogo is an excellent opportunity to restore strength by plunging into an islet of tranquility in the center of the city. Delicious teas and sweets will be a pleasant addition to the unique Ayurvedic procedures. Bath SPA procedures from the masters of the couple will relax or give tone, depending on the wishes.

Now you will have a chance to fulfill those promises that you repeatedly gave yourself: lose weight, correct the figure, get rid of stress, headaches, get rid of back pain and joint pain, lose weight in a word, become younger, healthier and happier.
Already with the first procedure you will feel better.

After several ayurvedic procedures, you will forget about constant stress, lack of sleep or insomnia, your skin will return to natural shine, your muscles will be filled with strength, your thoughts will become brighter and more joyful.

Take care of yourself with us!

*Please check with the administrator for other programs.

Whats app: +7(953)3837683
Adress: Ekaterinburg, st. Belinskogo, 54 "IndRa"

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